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5 Tips for Defeating Winter Feet

5 Tips for Defeating Winter Feet

As we cosy in for winter, giving our feet a little TLC will keep them happy whatever the weather.  Here are the top tips from Alice Bow and podiatrist Hiren Patel to see you through the cooler months.Read more

Fashion Week Heroes - The Footfulness Guide To Fashion Week Survival.

From both a sartorial and comfort perspective, choosing the wrong shoes is a fashion week disaster.  Whilst I can’t whip up an outfit for you, the tips below will help you stay happy on your feet for the week.  

Choose your shoes

The success of your fashion week wardrobe often starts with your shoes.‘Test drive them first’! Go through those new fave buys, as well as your always reliably and trusty collection of staples - once you have chosen a pair or three, that are at the very least mildly comfortable! Make sure you have some flats, or a lower (than usual) heel/wedge with a round toe. (Even Manolo Blahnik has been suggesting that heels might not be the best for this sort of dash and weather!)

Planning on wearing new shoes? Get them a couple of days before hand so you can frolic with them in around the home/office. Also pick yourself up some shoe protecting spray and stretching solution, just in case you need it. (Available at all good shoe repair shops.)

And, of course, pop your Alice Bows in!

The Back-up Team

Mighty peppermint Origins Leg Lifts is a godsend. Use it morning, noon and night – anytime your legs need a pep talk. Just rub a bit on the back of my calves and you’ll be good to go for another few hours. 

Vaseline – If not wearing tights, pop some on the areas of your toes that might rub. It might stop you from needing…..

Blister stickers – You’re kidding yourself if you think you don’t need some of these silent foot warriors in your bag. There will always be someone who is desperate for them, even if it’s not you. Compeed‘s extensive range can be picked up at many pharmacies. 

Support hose – Yup, doesn’t sound super glam (but if you close your eyes and imagine you are Penny Johnson in Dirty Dancing, that may just get you feeling quite vogue’esqu)! With that said be slightly realistic – Winters almost here ladies (fashion disciple or not). So no shaming, lots of us will be wearing them! Support hose do compliment most to every aspect of your outfit, as well as being a wonderful thing of ‘function’! Besides the ones you can get these days don’t look like something off a Little House on The Prairie washing line - Wolford’s 50 and 100 denier support tights are something of great beauty.

If offered a lift, take it

Don’t wait until your feet get tired. The aim is to keep your them happy as long as possible so you’re still smiling at the end of the day.  

End of the day rituals

Once you’re finally home, stretch your legs and your feet. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy sh'mancy – wriggle your toes, circle your feet, flex your ankles, stretch those calves.  Give your feet a massage with foot cream as you pop into bed for your beauty sleep.

(If you think you’ll be too pooped to remember, just stick a note on the bathroom mirror to remind you to do it whilst washing your face. Works for me - most days!)


Alice Bow - How to keep feet cool under the heat this Wimbledon

Alice Bow - How to keep feet cool under the heat this Wimbledon

Scorching summer days are best washed down with an ice-cold gin, a glass of ice-filled Pimm’s, or, for all teetotallers,  an ultra-frosty lemonade. 

And – thanks to all the racket surrounding Wimbledon which is ramping the mercury to break point – it’s open season, with no “excuses” required, so let’s go play!

Whether you’re lucky enough to be hot-footing it to watch a game at centre court, or on the big screen at a boisterous sports pub or an outdoor screening, make sure to give some attention to your two besties who’ll be teaming up with you -- your FEET. After all, they’ve always supported you, so play nice!

So, with that said we have put together a few more footnotes for you below.

Let us know how it goes! x

Cool tips for happy feet in the heat:

  • Rotate your shoes every day to give them a chance to dry out.
  • Use a foot *scrub regularly (remembering to scrub between your toes) and antibacterial soap daily. (*Don’t use if you have broken skin or open sores.)
  • Have a black tea footbath. The tannic acid kills bacteria, closes pores and helps feet sweat less. Boil three to four tea bags in two cups of water for 15 minutes. Remove the bags and dilute the tea with eight cups of water. Soak feet for 20-30 minutes. Repeat twice a day until symptoms improve.
  • Add a cup of vinegar to a bowl of warm water. Soak for 15-20 minutes a day. You can also add a few drops of thyme oil which contains a strong antiseptic.
  • Apply a spray-on antiperspirant to the soles of your feet. Although antiperspirant is designed for your underarms (you’re only telling me now?!), it works just as well under feet to stop sweating and odour.
  • Put anti-fungal foot powder in your shoes. The cheaper and equally effective option is to use the miracle odour-absorbing powder, bicarbonate of soda. Liberally sprinkle in trainers, pumps or boots and leave on overnight, then shake out the excess powder. (Take care when using with leather shoes as frequent applications can dry them out.)
  • Place dry shoes into a Ziploc or other plastic bag between the crab sticks and ice cream and leave in the freezer over night to annihilate germs. Yes, you read right. It works brilliantly!
  • For tired, puffy and achy feet, pour 1/2 cup of Epsom salts into a bowl of warm water and soak for 15-20 minutes. Dry thoroughly. (Do this just before going to sleep.)

Consult your doctor before any type of foot bath if you have diabetes or a circulatory disorder – as it’s always good to get a heads up on such things.

Oh and whilst the competition is high – we thought we’d put together a fun game for you too! Share your Wimbledon pics and comments with us and stand the chance to win a set of the Alice Bow SS18 Colours by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook. Three winners will be chosen 16 July 2018!

Here’s what to do:

    • Send one or more pics of your feet with Alice Bows visible in your shoes.
    • Include one or two lines describing a) where you were, b) who you were with, c) your mood at the time and c) how your ABs helped get you through the day.
    • Tag us on Instagram or Facebook

Game, set and match to Alice Bow – Here's to winning feet with your Alice Bows!