Himalayan Salt Foot Massage Roller

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Working at home is the perfect time to get some foot-work in.  Make the most of this time to sooth and detox your feet with our Himalayan Salt Foot Massager Roller. 

Combine the benefits of a foot rub with a relaxing salt treatment.  Gentle roll beneath your foot to release the fascia and smooth out any tight spots.  Great for improving circulation in your feet – especially if you're not on the go as much as usual at the moment.  

Our feet contain 250,000 sweat glands (yes – really!), so a little detox with the salt roller should help keep things fresh as a daisy! 

WORKOUT:  Place your Himalayan Salt Roller on a soft surface (i.e. carpet or yoga mat) and gently roll underneath your foot to release tension.  For an extra release, angle your foot from side-to-side to release tension on along the edges of your feet.  

PRO TOP from our FAVOURITE PODIATRIST  Aisha Wajahat.....

"A heeling massage roller, use for one minute three times a day to ease heel pain and reduce underfoot inflammation, esp if you suffer from plantar fasciitis."

Dimensions:  approx. 19 x 9cm.  Internal width is 8.5cm (fits most female feet). 

Materials: 100% Himalayan salt

Due to the natural material, colour may vary.  

Note: If you are diabetic, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before using any foot care products. 




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