Pilates for Feet? Yep, it's called footfulness

Pilates for Feet? Yep, it's called footfulness

Whilst shoes come and go, our feet are with us for life. 

Like many women, I used to only exercise from the ankles to the neck. For some reason I was never taught to properly exercise my feet or face.  A few toe scrunches and a roll of the ankle was the extend of things.  We'll happily spend a small fortune on pedicures and facials, but never see an actual podiatrist or dermatologist. 

Above is a great video with some simple pilates exercises by the lovely Dmitri from Epoch to get things moving.  Foot exercises, though often simple, are immensely satisfying. The feeling of being light footed and fancy free just makes everything in life seem better.  

Your feet will also love you more if you don't wear the same pair of shoes every day. There's no need to have thousands of pairs - just a few will do. 

And, whilst we love our heels at Alice Bow, we stick to flats shoes for dashing around London.  Not all flat shoes are as comfortable as we'd like and that's where a pair of our Insoles for Flat Shoes are a mini miracle.  They keep a lovely bounce in your step, making it a delight to wear your favourite leather flats.  

Podiatrists are starting to ask us about them too as the special wedge of padding under the heel is exactly what they recommend for some foot conditions (especially plantar fasciitis). 

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