5 Cunning Survival Tips for Heels & Feet this Royal Ascot

5 Cunning Survival Tips for Heels & Feet this Royal Ascot

Hats at the ready!

Racing season is the perfect time to show off a new outfit and pop on a hat. Seeing the crowd at Royal Ascot in their finery is a most marvellous sight.

But standing in heels on grass all day can be a bit of a challenge. So here are some top tips to keep you smiling until the band play Rule Britannia at the end of the day.


Size Up

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book – and a much reported favourite of the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex. If you haven’t worn your shoes in yet, this can be to solution to stop you getting blisters due to your feet swelling slightly during the day. Just make sure you wear a pair of shoes with a steady ankle strap to prevent them from sliding off. If you’re dashing about sipping Champers, the last thing you want is for you shoe to go flying!


If you don’t want to super-size it, try some deodorant

No, that’s not a typo - it’s a top celeb stylist secret! Roll a clear, non-marking deodorant around the rim of your shoe and any straps. This clever little trick will help minimise chafing.


Tape those toes

There is a nerve leading to your toes that can lead to pain for some high heel wearers. By taping the two toes next to your little toe gently together, it alleviates the pressure on the nerve. If wearing open-toe shoes, opt for a see-through tape.


Avoid the muck

Depending on the English weather, that can be easier said than done!   To prevent the muck attaching to your heels (and also stop you sinking into the grass!), get yourself a pair of clear plastic “heel shields.”   They’re very nifty and easy to use – just pop them onto your heels and you’re good to go.


And, do we really need to say it?

Add a pair of Alice Bow luxury insoles for beauty and comfort, of course. ;-)


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